8 Figure Super-Team Announces
New Killer VSL

This Brand-New VSL Is Destined for #1 on Clickbank

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Before joining read the AFFILIATE TERMS very careful here

Announcing "Alive", the brand new, insanely high-converting weight loss offer from a dream-team of 8 figure D.R. marketers.

It’s the RESURGE-KILLER you’ve been waiting for, and it’s destined to be #1 on Clickbank FAST.

For the select group of email affiliate partners who have gotten a chance to test the offer so far, they’re already seeing: EPCS NORTH OF $6.30 and CONVERSION RATES ABOVE 5%.

This offer is a MONSTER:

Main VSL and upsells written by a world-class copywriter with a ridiculous track-record of #1 Clickbank Offers?

Killer AOVs that mean MORE MONEY FOR YOU each time you promote it?

An f-ton of investment into a high-production VSL from the best video creator in the game?

Every aspect of the funnel optimized to perfection?

Proven creatives for you that’ll have sales moving faster a Meth-Head in a Ferrari?

Avg $ Per Conversion For Our Affiliates = $127.63. This offer will be on the TOP OF CLICKBANK in a matter of days. That means the sooner you jump in, the faster you can ride this gravy train to the top.

Get this set up for a test NOW and capitalize on a killer offer in an ultra-lucrative niche, while it’s still fresh and brand new.

The Alive supplement is a custom formulation that includes patented and trademarked ingredients backed by real science and proven to support real, healthy, and sustainable weight loss.

Feel good about what you’re selling, and feel GREAT about your bank account with Alive.

We also ensured that our affiliate resource vault is stuffed with the highest quality sales tools to help you make bank with minimum effort.

Inside you will find:

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A Collection of
Banner Ads in Various Sizes
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Highly Engaging
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Landing Pages
image description
A Collection of
Facebook Ads
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High Converting
Email Sequence

… and much more!

Earn Commissions

Our first upsell is more bottles of Alive, our main product.
Second upsell is Revitalize Plus, gut product.
You can earn 75% selling the main product with us and 50% for the upsells.